Got this email from Writer’s Digest selling critique services with the heading “Polish Your Writing with a Professional Critique from Writer’s Digest!” I thought they had mispelled “Publish” or that it was making fun of the Poles. I sent them an email asking if the Polish joke was intentional.  This was while I still thought it was a mistake.  Laura from customer service wrote back, “Are you kidding?” Here is Laura’s phone message on my voicemail.  The greeting for my phone says “Hello you’ve reached David Cooke The Lawn Guy…”


  1. Yup I am willing to admit this. Funny thing is I showed it to my girlfriend. She furrowed her brow and looked at me like I was crazy. It wasn’t until she read it outloud that I realized. It was like an optical illusion like the naked woman in the face of Freud.

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