A graduate of Portland State University’s M.A. program in English, Robin was first introduced to writing groups in 1996 through a course facilitated by author and professor Tony Wolk.  Since then, she has taught writing and language arts at the college, high-school, and middle-school levels in a wide range of settings.   In 2007, Robin participated in the Oregon Writers’ Project, reminding herself that she is indeed a writer.  Currently, she teaches a mix of high-school freshmen and juniors how to express themselves in non-self-destructive fashions.

Robin Troche is a writer who feels inferior in the company of her peers.  She has published nowhere and has extended internal debates on whether publication is a form of commitment, all of which should be avoided.  While she appreciates thoughtful critique and effusive praise of her work, Robin persists in the belief that all words have both a half-life and a shelf life, after which they should be dismantled and put to new use.  Titles in particular may survive the useful expectancy of their content and can be periodically unearthed and repurposed.  In fact, she is currently considering an assemblage of poems based on the same title to be printed on soluble rice paper.

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